The House Guest undertakes to: 

1.      Fill in and sign a visitor card immediately upon arrival at the property
2.     Immediately familiarisee him- or herself with the fire safety regulations and the evacuation scheme 
3.      Not to smoke indoors
4.      Not to disturb quiet night time with whatever noise between 11 p.m and 6 a.m., unless the whole complex has not been rented by the same company, but still not to disturb the neighbours in the village 
5.      Discard trash only in trash bins in designated spots
6.      Not to bring or store toxic or flammable substances to the property
7.      Consume the resources (water, electricity etc) in a sustainable way
8.      Immediately inform Vaino Tourist Farm representative of all incidents by phone +372 507 3167
9.      Inform the rescue service about fires by phone112
10. Reimburse Vaino Tourist Farm for all damage caused by irresponsible behaviour (including substance abuse)
11. During winter check-in starts from 4 p.m. and check-out is at 3 p.m. the latest. It is possible to change indoors.